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This site is a tribute all those marvellous musicians who entertained us so royally during our years in Rhodesia.  Their performances, the songs they played and the venues they appeared at are embedded in the minds of us all,  forming an intricate part of  our memories of the times.   There is nothing quite like music to stir those deep-seated reminiscences we have inside us.

The focus of this site is on popular music of the day with the emphasis on the years up to 1980.  For completeness, however, space has also been given to music, particularly of a pop or rock 'n roll nature, that has occurred in Zimbabwe since 1980 and which might not receive exposure elsewhere.

If you were involved in music in Rhodesia in any measure, be it as a singer, player, composer, director, salesperson, manager, agent or producer, please share your recollections with your Webmaster. Paraphernalia, especially photographs, will always be welcome. And no, this site's not just for musicians - fans can also have their say.  Just send your anecdotes and stories along to yours truly and they'lI be slotted in and shared with our readership.

This site is, most importantly, meant to be about having fun & enjoying some nostalgia.  It is hoped that you will experience both as you browse its pages.  This site has been built purely as a hobby and no financial gain or other reward is anticipated from it.   The costs that are entailed in running a website, such as the monthly hosting subscription, are borne by the website administrator in his private capacity.  This is a personal contribution towards placing on record an important part of Rhodesian culture.  The fact that it has reached its present stage is thanks, in no small measure, to the dozens of people who have provided information to date.  Their names, together with useful published sources, may be located under the Sources page.

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Please note that all information on this site has been gleaned from numerous sources, both written and verbal, and is posted in good faith. If you are aware of any factual inaccuracies or misrepresentations please advise me accordingly. Acknowledgements have been made to material extracted from published/copyright sources wherever this is known to have occurred.

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