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Zimbabwe Music


BANNED (Added 06/03/08)
Circa:  1980's
Home town: Harare

  • Nigel Dams - Vocals

  • Len Strydom - Lead guitar

  • Brad Townsend - Rhythm guitar

  • Dave Hughes - Bass

  • Richard Juscek - Drums

  • Paul Smith - Drums (replaced Richard)

The band enjoyed a residency at Harare's 80's dance club, the Archipelago.  They also made occasional appearances at the Hangar.

One of the band's "finest"  moments occurred on an evening when they had gathered at the Archipelago at 6 pm for a rehearsal ahead of the gig which was to commence at 9 pm that night.  Whilst idling about they received a message that bassist, Dave Hughes, had been taken ill and had been hospitalised.  Brushing their initial panic aside they set about locating Paul Buchecker, a visiting Australian guitar wizard.  He was eventually tracked down playing a gig at the local Holiday Inn and was dragged along to the Archipelago after accepting an invitation to dep with the Banned for the night.  With the benefit of only one's hour preparation, Buchecker delivered a "blinding" three set gig with the band!

(See also ANTIOCH in the BANDS)

BANNED (Added 16/04/2010)

Circa: Mid-80's
Home town:

  • Joey Roberts

  • Jan Jacobs

  • Richard Lambert-Porter

  • Mark Robinson

  • Dicky Fusco - Drums

  • Larry Jenkinson

  • Tony Morris-Davies

  • Dennis Scott (popped in very briefly!)

Played at the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo where they were a regular gig.


It was after leaving the Zimbabwe Air Force in June 82 and joining the Omani Airforce that Bud really got seriously into guitar playing.  This was due, in no small measure, to the amount of spare time he had on his hands!  He had, of course, always had an abiding interest in music and had played in many school boy bands as a drummer.
Drumming remains one of his great passions, the early seed being planted when he was a schoolboy side drummer in the old Salisbury Caledonian Pipe Band.

During his 2 years in Oman, Bud became a very "proficient" guitarist.   It was at this stage that he decided to return to Zim at the conclusion of his flying contract, and play music professionally as a one man show. (Guitar, bass pedals, & drum machine.)

True to his word, Bud did this & was very successful from 85 up to 90. In his own words, these " were wonderful years" during which time he became a household name, as an entertainer, in Zimbabwe.  He self-recorded and self-released one of his own compositions, "Run Rhino Run", in 1988 in aid of the Save the Rhino Fund, and it duly climbed to No. 2 in the Zim charts.  This was no small feat for a muso who was not appealing to the mass taste in those years!!

Bud's music career, however, was interrupted when he decided to return to flying helicopters once more and duly spent four more years flying in Papua
New Guinea and the Gulf.

Typically, Bud didn't waste these years and wrote a fair amount of original material during this time.  He also ventured into sequencer programming.   He then  recorded the
numbers he had penned, one by one, on his trips back to Zim, at home on a Tascam 8 track. Once "the album" was finished, Bud - with his usual sense of inventiveness! - went to a "pirate" tape copying shops in Dubai and had 1000 copies of his "album" taped onto cassette for U.S.$1 each! He then returned to Zim with his tapes which he sold at gigs. So popular were the tapes that they stocks were quickly exhausted.  Unfortunately for Bud, his time in Dubai had ended by that stage and he couldn't have any further cassettes manufactured - not at the price anyway!

Nevertheless, the demand for his music continued unabated and he duly paid  CD Technologies (in Jhb) a visit.  This led to his acquiring fresh stock to satisfy the clamouring masses!  It is a source of pride with Bud that he has never had to work through a record company and, indeed, has produced all his own music - from start to finish - through his own efforts...and with a little precious help from some close friends.

At the time of posting, Bud was in discussions with a South African record company who had expressed an interest in his work.  The outcome of these developments will be posted as they emerge.  

Bud's most recent CD "Bits & Pieces" may be obtained through Final Music.

CUTLASS (Added 16/04/2010)

Circa: Early 80's
Home town:

  • Joey Roberts

  • Adrian Beecham

  • Brian

  • Dave Nunema - Drums

The band gigged regularly at the Holiday Inn.


Inspired by a young girl who was playing keyboards in a shopping mall during a visit to Cape Town many years ago, Heather bought herself a similar keyboard and decided that she'd emulate the player she'd seen.  Doing it, however, was a little more complicated than she at first thought and, with various obstacles presenting themselves.  Eventually, after a number of trials and tribulations, Heather taught herself how to read music and, armed with her keyboard and voice, launched her music career singing in the Marondellas Hotel on Friday nights on the verandah. 

With gathering confidence she regularly upgraded (upsized?) her keyboard and, during this time, she also landed gigs at the Red Fox in Harare.  Just as Heather appeared to be making real progress she was diagnosed with cancer of the throat and was told, after corrective surgery, that she would never sing again.  Seeing this almost as a challenge, she set about re-developing her singing voice which had changed markedly from the pre-operative one.  Nevertheless, Heather emerged victorious and regained her, somewhat changed, voice.   Six weeks after the operation she  sang in the Harare park to a crowd of 1500 or so at the gospel expo,  together with many other names in Zimbabwe.  

Once again Heather's career started to progress and she played at venues such as the Avondale Sports Club,  Sheraton Hotel,  Westgate Shopping Centre,  Borrowdale Shopping Centre,  and at many other private fuctions,  weddings,  anniversaries,  and birthday parties.

In due course she moved to Bulawayo and found there was much more of a demand for "live" music there.  She played regularly at West Nicholson, QueQue,  Gwelo,  and many other smaller places.  Heather then received sponsorship for  a recording studio to make her first tape....Nostalgia.   Kelly Rusike,  Cathy Reed and Dennis Clark all contributed, musically, to this recording.

Heather's taste in musical is unabashedly of the "Golden Oldies" era, relying on her renditions of such evergreens as "Stuck In The Middle With You", "Clap Your Hands & Stamp Your Feet", "Who'll Stop The Rain?" and "Proud Mary" to get her audiences going.  

During the course of 2002 she was able to record to CD 20 tracks....done in Cape Town and Weenen Road Studios.

JOEY ROBERTS (Added 16/04/2010)

Joey was born in Bulawayo and grew up in Que Que and Redcliff.  He returned to Bulawayo for his high schooling and attended Hamilton and Northlea.  After school, he completed his National Service before joining the local band Cutlass (see separate entry) and played  a number of local gigs, including regular appearances at the Holiday Inn.  Joey then spent a couple of years in the United Kingdom before returning to Zimbabwe whereupon he joined local outfit, the Banned.   Like Cutlass, Banned also played regularly at the local Holiday Inn where they enjoyed a good following.  He also teamed up with Rick Accorsi and Barry Henderson in Those Guys.   Following this Joey played with Fernando Lopes and Tookie Androulakis at Joe's Place until 1998 when he once again returned to the United Kingdom.  Back in Britain Joey provided the instrumental music for a natural wildlife documentary produced by a film company called "Osprey".  This production went on to win an international television award for best wildlife documentary.  Subsequent to this, Joey composed and recorded a Sad African Tale which is dedicated to the raising of funds for captured rhino breeding.

For more on Joey and his music activities, surf into his website at:


KWEKWE (Updated 24/07/04)

Circa: 2002 - ongoing
Home town:  Harare
  • Brian Williams - Lead vocals & percussion
  • Melody Banditi - Vocals & percussion  
  • Ellen "Fanny" Kapusa - Vocals & percussion
  • Len Strydom - Lead & synth guitars
  • Luba Mahalkovic - Lead (2nd)
  • Christo Georgiadis - Bass
  • Mark Robbins - Drums

Subsequent personnel changes:

  • Melody Banditi left in 2004
  • Luba Mahaklovic left in 2004
  • Isaac Chirwa came in on keyboards when the above two departed the band.  Chirwa is one of Zimbabwe's most experienced recording engineers whose services are highly sought after.


KweKwe is a seven piece multicultural group whose repertoire includes everything from rock, pop, reggae, jazz and blues.  They have a strong support base in Harare.  Although they play, mainly, covers, they are presently busy with studio work featuring original material of the Afro Pop genre.  Mark Robbins is one of the "elders" of the regional music scene having been a member of the DRIFTERS and DADDY LONG LEGS in year gone by.  

Most recently, KWEKWE played on the same bill as three of the SA Idols finalists who were on a visit to Harare during February, 2004.  

LUBA BLUES (Added 07/02/04)

Circa: 2003 - ongoing
Home town:  Harare
  • Stuart Charles - Vocals & flute
  • Luba Mahalkovic - Lead guitar
  • Christo Georgiadis - Bass
  • Mario Ciampi - Drums & vocals

Another band presently active on the Harare scene playing a  mix of originals and covers.  Luba Mahalkovic and Christo Georgiadis are also members of fellow Harare outfit, KWEKWE.

OLD GEEZERS ON THE BLOCK (Added 19/05/95).

Circa:  2005
Home town:  Harare


PIED PIPERS (Added 09/02/03)


Home town:


PRIVATE LIMITED (Added 06/03/08)


Home town: Harare


  • Karen Hegarty - Vocals

  • Gavin Hooker - Vocals & guitar

  • Nigel Dams - Vocals & keyboards

  • Paul Heath - Bass

  • Anton Bourdillon - Drums

The band played 80's and 90's dance music and appeared regularly at Marilyn's.  They also appeared at the Sheraton Conference Centre which they describe as "a buzz".  On one occasion, Mick Matzukis (ex- Antioch), was visiting from Johannesburg and joined them for a guest spot on the drums.  "The trouble was", recalls Nigel Dams, "Nick is so accurate, and so strong, that he turned Anton's drumskins into funnels, basically.  Nick  was definitely accustomed to skins a little stronger than the fertilizer sacks used in Harare!".  Being the gentleman he is, however, he posted Anton a set of Remo pinstripes a week later so there were no losers.

PROOF (Added 06/03/08)

Home town: Harare

  • Nigel Dams - Vocals & guitar

  • Mike Jansen - Vocals & guitar

  • Jules Parsons - Bass

  • Paul Smith - Drums

The band specialised in guitar-driven rock and played many gigs at the Hangar and Archipelago clubs. 

One particular memory is of an occasion when they set out to play a gig in Karoi in Jules' truck which was furnished with "typical Zimbo" tyres.  That means that the grooves and so were not quite up to scratch.  As a result, they found themselves stranded at the roadside with all their gear.  This required a rescue mission to be sent from Karoi, incorporating a convoy of pick-up trucks.  As a result they arrived at 9 pm, missing their planned 6 pm soundcheck by some hours.  Passing their gear over the heads of party-goers, they got established and duly rocked the patient audience well into the night.  Playing in front of thousands at the Rhinofest is also a special memory.

PTY.unlimited (Added 01/07/2004)

Circa:  Formed in March 2004
Home town:  Harare
  • Ted Daniel - Rhythm guitar & vocals

  • Pete Jelliman - Bass

  • Yvonne Higham - Drums

PTY.unlimited give it stick at the Borrowdale Sports Club as a fundraiser of the NOMADS

Formed in early 2004, PTY.unlimited have very quickly found themselves a niche on the Harare social and entertainment scene.  Their repertoire is based on a wide range of material from the 50's, 60's and 70's and includes country, rock 'n roll and ballads.  Their debut was staged at the Avondale club on the last Friday of April, 2004, and, since then, there's no holding 'em back! 

PULP (Added 16/11/09)

Circa:  1980 - 1984
Home town:  Salisbury


  • Steve Flynn - Lead vocals

  • Guy Halls - Lead guitar & vocals

  • Phil Heath - Guitar/leads & vocals

  •  ?? Taylor - Bass

  • Andy Bate - Drums

The band appeared regularly at Le Coq D'Or, the Savannah Club and The India Club and supported KLUNK and HERITAGE on occasion.


Circa:  1984 - 2000
Home town:  Harare


  • Gary Clark - Lead vocals & rhythm guitar

  • Cliff Webb - Lead guitar & vocals

  • Shaffer Khan - Bass & vocals

  • Paul Rigby - Drums

  • Richie Yiend - Replaced Cliff Webb in 1985.


L-R:  Paul, Cliff, Gary & Shaffer (1983)

The Tuning Up Goes On!

Gary Finds The Right Pitch!

I Can See The Sunrise - Silkwood

The return of Gary Clark (ex-IVYDALE WALK II) in 1984 initiated the creation of SILKWOOD.  In forming the new group the band placed huge emphasis on the need for the band's members to be strong vocalists.  The reason for this was that they intended covering a lot of material by such bands as the Eagles and CSN&Y.  Scouring the Harare music scene they recruited two of the city's outstanding talents into their ranks.  These were Shaffer Khan and Richie Yiend who was an aspiring Stevie Ray Vaughan-influenced guitarist.  The band immediately took off and enjoyed an extremely busy first two years of existence, over and above their regular daytime occupations.

Such was the pressure of the band's programme that it was decided to employ a manager to take care of the ever increasing administration load.  This appointment came in the shape of Kevin John Rhodes.  Kevin's interest in the band was triggered after he'd heard them performing at Rosalind's Night Club.  Kevin helped the band finance new sound equipment and played keyboards for them at a couple of gigs.  He also played on their single single, "All Night", a Benny Miller production in 1986.  This record were to #14 in the local charts.

The band's first single was "I Can See The Sunrise" - also a Benny Miller production - but it wasn't as successful as their second release.

In 1997, Richie Yiend took his leave of the band when he was transferred with his job to Mozambique.  The band continued as a trip for three years after Yiend's departure and played their last gig at New Year's Eve 2000 at the Holiday Inn, Harare.

At the time of their demise in 2000, the band had kept the same personnel line-up for fifteen years, something of an accomplishment in the world of music!

Where Are They Now?

Paul Rigby - Left Zimbabwe in 2002 and is believed to be living somewhere in the south of England.  

Gary Clark - Left Zimbabwe in 2001 and now lives in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Richard Yiend - Believed to still be in Mozambique.

Shaffer Khan and Steven Rhodes remain in Zimbabwe. 


SPECIAL FX (Updated 22/03/04)

Circa: (1986 - 2004)
Home town: Bulawayo


  • Jimmy Brandt - Guitar

  • Rory McKenzie & Jan Jacobs - Bass

  • Rory McKenzie & Fernando Lopes - Keyboards

  • Frank Reynolds - Drums 

Rudi Gouma later joined the band on keyboards.

The band started their career at the Grenada Restaurant before relocating to Z International in the Trade Fair Grounds and, finally, Catch 22.

After 18 years in the game, SPECIAL FX decided to "call it a day" in early 2004.  Jimmy Brandt continues to perform as a solo artist in Harare, Rudi Gouma plays in pubs and restaurants in Bulawayo and Frank Reynolds is involved in discotheques. 


THE TOUCH (Added 09/05/06)

Circa:  2004
Home town:  Harare

  • Lappies Labuschagne (Snr) - Bass & vocals
  • Dave Smeda - Lead & rhythm guitars
  • Paul Shephard - Keyboard & vocals
  • Paul Smith - Drums & vocals 

THOSE GUYS (Added 16/04/2010)

Circa: Late 80's/early 90's
Home town:

  • Joey Roberts
  • Rick Accorsi
  • Barry Henderson - drums

The band had regular gigs at "Catch 22" and were popular on the local scene.



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