Circa: 1966 – 1968
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Frank Dologhan – Lead guitar & vocals (Ex “Theme Thyngs”)
  • Terence “Taffy” Whelan – Rhythm guitar & vocals
  • Keith Rivers – Bass
  • Stuart Palmer – Drums
Vacant Lot Main Pic
A VACANT LOT 1967 Rock Band Competition. Left to Right: Stuart Palmer (drums), Taffy Whelan (Rhythm) & Keith Rivers (Bass)

The band played mainly covers of what was then known as “Underground” music – Cream, Hendrix et al.  On one particular Easter occasion, they travelled to Beira where they incurred the wrath of the RLI who wanted to assault them because of their long hair!   Clearly, due to the length of their hair they were seen as draft dodgers, as was often the case in those days!   The band broke up when Frank left to join THE EXECUTIVES in South Africa, followed by Stuart Palmer who also moved to South Africa where he joined ORANGE TANGERINE.  In due course,  Frank returned to Rhodesia and did a few gigs with Keith and Taffy (Taffy switching from guitar to drums!) before the band finally folded. The last gig this band played as the VACANT LOT was at The Disco with the PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY.  The evening was reportedly a rave second-to-none with Taffy boasting a Second World War German tin helmet (which apparently belonged to Keith Rivers’ Dad!) on his head as they worked their way through popular rock covers such as “Third Stone From The Sun”, “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” and a 25 minute version of “Gloria”!  Sometime later, Stuart returned to the country and teamed up with Frank and Keith to form the CHROME PLATED MEGAPHONE OF DESTINY.  In 1968,  Frank and Stuart moved to London where they played in a band for a time before going their separate ways.   Taffy was conscripted to the army, later forming the CLAXTON MOOD.   Keith continued to play in Rhodesia before moving to South Africa via England!  Frank has since returned to Zimbabwe where he runs the Kadoma Theatre and tunes pianos whilst Taffy is a member of a top-flight blues-rock band in Germany called COLD SHOT.


Vacant Lot 3
Bottom to Top: Stuart, Keith, Taffy & Frank

Vacant Lot 4
Left to Right: Stuart, Frank, Taffy, Clive Newsome (joining in) & Keith


Vacant Lot 5
COCA COLA POWERED COMBI – Frontier Marketing! Left to Right: Stuart, Keith, Taffy & Frank