Circa:  1970
Home town: 
Fort Victoria

  • Kevin “Dutch” Van der Westhuizen – Bass & vocals
  • Jim Dawson – Guitar & vocals
  • Graham Mondo – Drums

Additional musician:

  • Ian Pace Drums

ANVIL played mainly covers by bands such as Black Sabbath, Ten Years After and Steppenwolf.  As was the case with some many bands of the era, their routine was interrupted when Jim Dawson was called up for military service.  During his absence the band was “mothballed”.  When he returned to the band a new drummer in Ian Pace was recruited to replace Graham Mondo who had now been called up!  The band gigged on the circuit for about a year before Jim Dawson decided to leave and head for London, England, to follow his musical aspirations.  This is where he remains to this day.

(See also the IN THE TRADITION section where you can follow Jim’s subsequent “career” with NAKED ANGEL).