Circa:  1980’s
Home town: Harare

  • Nigel Dams – Vocals
  • Len Strydom – Lead guitar
  • Brad Townsend – Rhythm guitar
  • Dave Hughes – Bass
  • Richard Juscek – Drums
  • Paul Smith – Drums (replaced Richard)

The band enjoyed a residency at Harare’s 80’s dance club, the Archipelago.  They also made occasional appearances at the Hangar.

One of the band’s “finest”  moments occurred on an evening when they had gathered at the Archipelago at 6 pm for a rehearsal ahead of the gig which was to commence at 9 pm that night.  Whilst idling about they received a message that bassist, Dave Hughes, had been taken ill and had been hospitalised.  Brushing their initial panic aside they set about locating Paul Buchecker, a visiting Australian guitar wizard.  He was eventually tracked down playing a gig at the local Holiday Inn and was dragged along to the Archipelago after accepting an invitation to dep with the Banned for the night.  With the benefit of only one’s hour preparation, Buchecker delivered a “blinding” three set gig with the band!

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