Circa:  1967 – 1970
Home town:  Bulawayo

Believers in Colour
L – R: Ivan Frost, Don Foster, Lilian Clamp and Brian Henry.


  • Lilian Clamp – Lead vocals & piano
  • Don Foster Guitar
  • Brian Henry – Guitar
  • Ivan Frost – Drums

When Lilian Clamp and Brian Henry left the band, they were replaced by:

  • Dave Frost – Bass
  • Lionel Frost – Keyboards
WE’RE THE BELIEVERS! (Left – right: Lionel Frost on guitar & keys, Dave Frost on bass & vocals, Ivan Frost on drums &vocals and Don Foster on guitar & vocals).


In 1965 Don Foster, who was born in Liverpool in England and arrived in Rhodesia as a baby with his parents, sang regularly on Bulawayo’s Rhodesia Television service as a country singer.  This period lasted for about nine months before Don decided to concentrate on Gospel singing.

The BELIEVERS quartet was originally started by Don with three friends whom he met at Youth for Christ at which gatherings Lilian played the piano.  Brian Henry had attended Milton High School, as had Don, and Lilian had been at Northlea High School.  After Brian and Lilian left the band, Dave and Lionel Frost replaced them and the band continued to ply their trade.

During the tenure the band played at numerous venues in Bulawayo, including the Centennial showgrounds, township stadiums, the Salvation Army church, the Full Gospel church, the North End Methodist church, the Windermere Hotel and the Small City Hall.  The group performed many standard religious numbers, as well as  material written by Don Foster.  They also made a television appearance in 1968.

In June 1970, Don Foster left the band and relocated to South Africa where he performed as a Gospel singer using a backdrop of a painting of the Victoria Falls at many of his shows.

The Frosts, in turn, went on to form COLD SHOULDER and continued their music activities.