I have good memories of the Jewish Guild hall, climbing in through the toilet window to see Otis Waygood, and being helped in once by one of the Zipper brothers and St Johns Church Hall and the Texan Rock band competition, and The Zoo and La Bom and Electric Circus.   I was a Collection fan as I was taught guitar by Adrian King, and also a Short Circuit Guavas’ fan – I was in the army with their Bass player Rick Bridgeford  – Oh, and let’s not forget the Silhouettes,  The Ramblers, Family Hogworth, and international Rock impresario Giga and Woodstock promotions.

Yass it was really vibrant with cabbage crate amps made out of old radiograms. I keep trying to tell my kids how they are missing it, but they do not understand

Unfortunately by the time I got out of school there was a war on and it had all died down, no one was in civvy street long enough to rehearse. So I played at the Holiday Inn a couple of times and then got married…………….maybe we can have a Short Circuit Guava reunion for the millennium?

God Bless

– Keith Downs