Circa: 1974 – 1975
Home town:  Salisbury

Original line-up:

  • Colin Roger – Lead guitar & vocal
  • Robert Dunn – Rhythm guitar
  • Ed Wolfe – Bass
  • Kevin Forbes – Drums

Rehearsal Room


Polytech Rehearsal

The reconstituted band comprised:

  • Colin Roger – Lead guitar & vocals
  • Steve Richardson – Rhythm guitar & vocals
  • Bas Mollenkramer – Bass guitar & vocals

CANYON was started by Colin Rodger in 1972/73 with their debut appearance being at the Salisbury Polytechnic.  After a period of time the original line-up broke up with Colin Rodger later reforming the band with new members.  The band played the Churchill School dance in 1974 and it is believed that a tape of the performance was recorded. If anyone out there still has a copy, please contact the website maintainer! The band’s “finest hour” was probably playing alongside HOLY BLACK at a New Year’s Eve gig in 1974/75 at the University of Rhodesia.