Circa: 1959 – 1965
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Tommy Coulter  – Vocals (Replaced by Jack McGroaty – See also APACHES, FUGITIVES, STEREOS & DRIFTERS)
  • Duncan Harvey – Lead guitar (Replaced by John Hodgkinson)
  • John Heather – Rhythm guitar/vocals
  • Alan Barton – Bass (Replaced by Richard McAlpine)
  • Lea Heather – Drums (Duncan Harvey left band at an early stage)

Checkers At Kenya Coffee Lounge


Checkers At Kenya CL
FULL OF BEANS? CHEQUERS AT THE KENYA COFFEE LOUNGE (Circa 1961 – 1965) From Left to Right: John Hodgkinson, Jack McGroaty, Johnny Heather, Lee Heather (drums) & Richard MacAlpine


Checkers At La Bom



Chequers A Barton 2004

The CHEQUERS, started by Lea and John Heather together with Alan Barton whilst still Churchill schoolboys in 1961,  were extremely popular in their heyday playing regularly at venues such as the Kamfinsa Hotel, La Boheme Night Club, Le Coq D’Or, Sarum, Kenya Coffee Lounge, Drill Hall and SOE Hall.  In 1964 the band did a professional stint in South Africa playing in Johannesburg, as well as enjoying a residency at the Grand Prix Night Club in Cape Town for the year.

In subsequent years Lea Heather, and brother John, have enjoyed writing work for theatre.  They have had a number of musicals in the West End and New York.  Should you like to read more on this topic, click this HEATHER BROTHERS link.

Alan Barton relocated to Cape Town where he still lives but is no longer involved in music.


  • Give Me A Chance (7″ single)
  • Bundu Beat (Elpee) (Brigadier Records, South Africa)

(Insert of The Chequers – Give Me A Chance – courtesy of Marq Vas).