On the Bulawayo disco scene…

I was a DJ in Bulawayo along with my mate, Dave West.  We initially called ourselves “Dave and Graham”, later changing this to “Electric Mirage”.  Apart from playing at general parties and 21st birthday celebrations, we were also regulars at the McDonald Club, this being the venue where we actually started.  Casa Alba was another venue where we regularly provided dance music,  doubling up on occasions with The Collection.

Dave and I had landed a regular spot on RTV’s weekly Doug Gordon Show.  When Gordon decided to move on it was suggested that Dave and Graham assume the hosting role, however, RTV decided not to continue with the programme.  Graham’s talents were extended beyond merely playing disco music when he was asked to compere a Texan Rock Band competition at the Trade Fair, a task he completed with total aplomb!

Graham and his wife left Rhodesia in 1974 and moved to Australia where he remained for 27 years before relocating to New Zealand where he currently resides.