Home town: Salisbury


  • Frans Matos – Vocals
  • Eddie Matos – Guitar & vocals
  • Mike Reed – Guitar & vocals
  • ?? Rodrigues – Drums
RS - Dions Golden Dragon
ENTER THE DRAGON! The Dions at the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant.

The first major gig this band, which stemmed from the Eduardo Matos band (See under “SOLOS”), landed was a three month residency at the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Salisbury.  There was a fair bit of tension amongst the band members due, in no small way, to the diversity of the members ~ three Latins and two Englishmen!  After about a year these differences, as well as evolving and conflicting musical tastes, took centre stage.  There seemed no way out of the impasse.

RS - Dions 2nd scan

Simultaneously, the NITE STARS, also an off-shoot of the Eduardo Matos band, were themselves experiencing personnel issues.  This was on the back of their landing a year long residency at the Quorn Hotel.  With both the lead and bass guitarists leaving the band, the NITE STARS had a major challenge on their hands not to lose their Quorn gig.  In discussion with Quorn management, it had been explained that the gig would be safe if the remaining band members were able to keep the group going. 

Eddie then agreed to join the NITE STARS.

RS - Eddie and Fran
THE GOLDEN YEARS – Eddie and sister, Fran.



Please see NITE STARS under “BANDS” for a continuation of events.