Home Town:  Salisbury

Circa:  1971 – 1975


  • Mike Williams – Lead guitar and vocals
  • Fernando Lopes – Keyboards and vocals
  • Kevin Barton – Bass
  • Tony Crossland – Drummer
  • John Elliott – Saxophone and flute

The original four members of the band, excluding John Elliott, met as a result of their “hanging out” at Kevin Barton’s music store in Salisbury, Qualtone Electronics.  Building on their common passion for music they were soon practicing in the back of the store.  After making their public debut they immediately started to attract a good following, earning themselves a residency at the George Hotel. During this period they were joined by John Elliott, an outstanding saxophonist and flute player, who had fortuitously recently arrived in the country from the United Kingdom, via a short period in South Africa. Equinox with Mike Williams (Denis Mead 2015)Aside from his profession as a draughtsman, John had an impressive CV and had worked with famed British female singer, Lulu, in her band, “Lulu And The Luvvers”.  Whilst in South Africa he had played with artists and bands such as the Staccatos. The addition of John Elliott to the line-up gave Equinox an edge which set them apart from their peers at the time.

After completing their year long contract at the George Hotel, the band moved to the La Boheme night club where they were to play, and support, many visiting international stars.  These included Eddie Calvert, Nancy Whiskey and Brian Mulder of Peanut Butter Conspiracy fame.

Equinox also played at other venues within the city, such as the Beverly Rocks Motel.  Their repertoire were popular hits of the day, as well as a fair spread of Latin music covers.

The band eventually broke up in 1975 as members departed from Salisbury.  Fernando Lopes relocated to Bulawayo where he was a founder member of SPECIAL FX and started to play at the Grenada restaurant.  Fernando subsequently went on to purchase the “Catch 22” club in the Bulawayo Trade Fair Grounds.  This venue had previously been known as “Z International” and “Cherry’s”.

Sadly, Kevin Barton passed away in Harare in 2019 after a battle with cancer.  Fernando owns a music store, “World Of Music” in Polokwane in South Africa.  It is not known what has become of the other members.

Left – Right: Tony Crossland-Shaw, Fernando Lopez, Kevin Barton and Mike Williams. (Photo: Adele Barton).