As a serving member of the British South Africa Police at the time, singer, Eric Birrell, was affectionately described by Sonya Hattin, whenever he appeared on her shows, as “the singing policeman”.  Eric’s vocal talents were in great demand in Bulawayo in the 70’s and he appeared regularly with many of the leading function bands, alongside such well known local musicians as Mike Barker and Johnny Booyse.  His fine voice was present at many a Saturday afternoon wedding at Meikles.  He also performed in the presence of President DuPont at the City Hall.  His personal favourites were his appearances on RTV at the Montrose studios on the Sonya Hattin Show, as well as John Aldrige’s “Hoedown” programme. Eric recalls that he didn’t make much money  but he enjoyed great times.  A regular comment they were exposed to, especially when playing with Mike Barker’s bands, was that the “drinks bill” was more than their fee!!   Today, Eric is retired in Scotland.