Circa: 1964 – 1968
Home town: Salisbury

  • Maurice “Spike” Saul – Lead guitar & vocals (Band leader)
  • Daniel Saul – Rhythm guitar
  • David “Squeege” Lewis – Rhythm guitar, harmonica & vocals and later Bass, replacingAlan Roomer
  • Alan Roomer – Bass.  Left the band in 1967 and was replaced by Squeege.
  • Stan Newman – Drums.  Left the band in 1965 and was replaced by Norman Eaglestone.
  • Norman Eaglestone – Drums and vocals.  Replaced Stan Newman
  • Quinsey – Vocals & keyboards.  Left to go solo in 1967.
  • Derek Meed – Drums.  Replaced Norman Eaglestone who left the band for a short time before returning.  Derek Meed went on to play with JULUKA in South Africa.
Etonians V5
The Etonians










Etonians 3
The ETONIANS L-to-R, standing: Alan Roomer (Bass), Norman Eaglestone (Drums), Maurice Saul (Lead & vocals) Bottom: Dave “Squeege” Lewis



Etonians 2
The ETONIANS L-to-R: Quinsey (Vocals & keyboards), Alan Roomer (Bass), Maurice Saul (Lead & vocals), Norman Eaglestone (Drums) & Dave “Squeege” Lewis (Rhythm & harmonica)


The Etonians were, like most bands at the time, a cover band although they did write and record their own material. They put out 2 singles in South Africa – “Wildwood Flower” and “Gates Of Eden”. They started out on a musical diet of the Beatles, Stones, Them, Kinks but their signature sound was soon to become that of the 12-string following the Byrds, Dylan and other (US) west coast sounds. They appeared regularly on RTV.


The Etonians (who were re-named from “The Raiders“) first semi-pro contract was as a regular ‘act’ at “Bretts” night club in Salisbury. During this time they won the Rhodesian Rock Band contest. They went professional working in Durban and Jo’burg returning in 1965 to the Victoria Hotel, Bulawayo, for a year’s contract. They won the International Rock Band contest at the Showgrounds. After meeting further contractual engagements in Durban, they returned to a “Le Coq d’Or” contract before their final appearance in 1968.

Squeege later played with Rhodesian band “THE NEW IMAGE” arguably Rhodesia’s first supergroup, later playing regularly with Barry Taylor (“CYCLONES”) in his trio.   Maurice went on to form a band in Durban, “The Third Eye”; Derek went on to join “Juluka” (SA) and Quinsey pursued his solo career.

Squeege also played the lead role (Jesus) in “Godspell” and Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar” – both shows with  HOLY BLACK.   Jerry Barnard (Holy Black) played Jesus in JC Superstar.



Wildwood Flower
Gates Of Eden