Circa: 1960’s
Home town:

  • Peter Baker
  • Paul Rust
  • Merlyn Evans
  • Bob “Rab” Duncan

And now, a little bit about the band’s members:

Pete Baker (also known Peter Lawrence) was born in England and became one of the ‘Lost Children of the Empire’ as a migrant child under the Kingsley Fairbridge scheme to Bulawayo in the 50’s. Educated there and at Milton he joined the BSAP in 1960. Later held positions in commerce before leaving Rhodesia after the war in 1980 for South Africa. He now spends most time travelling, but can be contacted through the Editor of this website

Paul Rust was also born England where he was educated until recruited by the BSAP in 1962. He resigned in 1966 and went back to his previous printing career by joining Mardons. He is believed to have left Rhodesia for England in the mid 80’s

Merlyn Evans was born in Salisbury and became Head Prefect at Roosevelt in 1960 before doing an Honours degree at Cape Town and returning to Salisbury to work with Town Planning. She married Peter in 1968 and together had a son Deane-Peter who is now a University lecturer in South Africa. Died in South Africa 19 2005 after a long illness.

Bob (Rab) Duncan was born and educated in Scotland. He moved to Rhodesia with his wife in 1957, after being engaged as an instrument technician with EMI in South Africa. Formed the Fiddlers 3 with ? and ?? (help from readers please) in 1961 after playing for some years with trad and skiffle bands. After the disbanding of The Fourtrekkers, Rab moved into real estate and is believed to have moved to South Africa in the late 70’s

Group history:

Peter met Paul in early 60s while both in BSAP and palled up while playing at Salisbury’s Folk Club near the Central Police Station. A year later they formed ‘Peter, Paul and Merlyn’ when Peter’s girl-friend (later wife) joined them, but changed to The 3 B’s when Edwin & Rachel ‘discovered’ them for a show on RTV and initially sponsored and recorded them. Needing a Banjo player, Rab (ex Fiddlers 3 and working for EMI in Salisbury), joined them and they became The Fourtrekkers, mainly to complement their own music about Rhodesia and its history. The group cut its only LP ‘Come-A-Roving’ in 1965 (which Peter is still looking for a copy of as a fan ‘borrowed’ it at the release signings). Coincidentally, the guys wives were Merlyn, Merilyn and Merle respectively. In 1968 the group disbanded due to relocations, but Peter, Rab and Clem Tholet got together for a few gigs as The Legends, before all went in different directions, except Peter and Paul who often got together again on stage, but this time at REPS theatre as actors-cum-musicians for various productions. Come-A-Roving has the distinction of being the first LP in Rhodesia by a Rhodesian Group with original music on Rhodesia’s folk history.