Circa: 1971 – 1972
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Rob Munro – Lead guitar
  • John Kay – Organs & vocals
  • Roger Sheard – Bass
  • Derm Knight – Drums (Replaced by Mike Garner).

FUNNY FARM were formed when John Kay and Roger Sheard arrived in Rhodesia from Zambia.  Rehearsing their material in a large hut in the Salisbury Showgrounds the band were soon established on the local gig circuit, playing at many church hall venues.  The Greendale Scout Hall, in particular, hosted a number of their performances.  They also played at Beverley Rocks occasionally and had a residency in the beer garden of the Mazoe Hotel on Sundays.  The band’s demise came about when John Kay left its ranks, followed shortly afterwards by other band members.