Circa: 1958
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Mike Westcott – Vocals
  • Duncan Harvey – Lead guitar
  • Mike Murray – Bass
  • Nick Gonifras – Drums
  • Dave “Squeege” Lewiswho was a member of the earlier line-up, left the band to join the ETONIANS in 1963.
  • Pol Rogers – Joined later as saxophonist
The Furies (Circa late 50’s) Left to right: Rob Chaplin (drums), Mike Murray (bass), David “Squeege” Lewis (rhythm) and Duncan Harvey (lead). Mike Westcott (lead vocals) had not yet joined the band.

The FURIES were started in 1958/59 by three scholars from Churchill High School – Sandy Baxter (guitar), Rob Chaplin (drums) and Dave “Squeege” Lewis on an open-tuned acoustic “Hawaiian” guitar with strapped-on pickup complete with grass-skirted dancing girls and palm tree graphic on the body!  The band played popular covers of 50’s rock, as well as a bit of skiffle.  The group practiced in the lounges of their homes (much to their parents’ consternation) and played sessions at church halls in the Greendale area and surrounding suburbs.  They were also popular at school dances and had a liking for playing gigs at Rooseveldt Girls’ High!  Later on, a saxophone player in the form of Pol Rogers joined the band, followed by a recognised (read ‘proper’!) singer in Mike Westcott.  As the band spread their wings they started to play beyond the confines of Salisbury.  Their material also started to include touches of R & B.  In 1962 “Squeege” Lewis to join the ETONIANS (who had changed their name from the RAIDERS).