Circa:  1972

Home town: Salisbury


Doug Kennedy – Vocals and percussion

Taffy Whelan – Guitar and vocals

Jack Lolliot – Bass and vocals

Dave Richards – Keyboards and vocals

Mark Robbins – Drums

Gypsy soon made their mark on the local scene when they won the Rhodesian Rock Band competition staged at the Skyline Hotel.  Riding on this wave of success, the band travelled to South Africa where they played at the Coral Lounge at the old Grand Hotel, as well as at Smugglers’ Inn in Durban.  At this stage Mark Robbins left the band and proceeded overseas where he was to continue his music activities.

Gypsy - Taffy
WINNING NOTES! Taffy Whelan on the day GIPSY won the Rhodesian Rock Band competition at the Skyline circa 1970.

Gypsy Press Cutting Gypsy Press Cuttingv2