Home town: Bulawayo

  • Nigel Dams – Guitar & vocals
  • Mark Stewart – Vocals & bass
  • Tony Hugget – Drums & vocals

Nigel Dams recalls that Mark and Tony were amazing vocalists who taught him about harmony.  When he first met them in audition they asked what he knew how to play, to which he responded “How about Fat-Bottomed Girls”?  They said “OK, let’s play…” and as he started the guitar part they stopped and asked where the lead-in vocal part was.  They restarted the song and the duo came in with “to die for” harmonies at the right place and at the right time!  From that time onwards, the due never failed to amaze with their unerring ears and angelic harmonies.

At one stage in 1982, the band succeeded in holding both the No 1 and No 2 chart spots simultaneously with “Slipping Away Slowly” and “In The Middle Of The Night”.  The former was flighted on television in Zimbabwe are at least a couple of occasions.  The band also made an album in Durban called Cabbages and Kings, produced by stalwart Rhodie muso, Nick Pickard.

Cabbages and Kings Front Cover
Front cover of ‘Cabbages and Kings’.


Cabbages and Kings Back Cover
Back cover of ‘Cabbages and Kings’


Cabbages and Kings Review