Circa: 1973
Home town: Gwelo

  • Suley Mohammed – Lead guitar & vocals
  • Dave Amm – Rhythm/Bass & organ
  • Nick Lombard – Drums (Later moved onto rhythm guitar/vocals)

The subsequent changes that took places (as the drummers played “musical chairs”!) were:

  • Niki Lostrum – Lead vocals
  • Dave Bray – Bass
  • John Hutley (Replaced Nick Lombard on drums)
  • Ken Homan (Replaced John Hutley)
  • Mossie Hills (Replaced Ken Homan)
Gwelo - Gypsey Band 1977
GYPSEY 1977 Left to right: Soley Mohammed (Lead guitar), Dave Amm (Keyboards), Niki Lostrum (Vocals), Chris “Mossie” Hills (Drums) and Nick Lombard (Rhythm).

The band originally began as a trio comprising Soley Mohammed, Nick Lombard and Dave Amm and, after adding additional members, reached its peak as a performing outfit with vocalist Niki Lostrum and Mossie Hills added to the mix. The band, with much appreciated sponsorship from the Army, completed a “Troopies Tour”, performing for the servicemen. They were well received in their home town, however, were roundly booed at Shabani where the audience did not appreciate the rock music they played. There subsequent visit to Redcliff, however, was far more successful as the younger crowd who attended were into bands of the day such as Uriah Heep whose material Gypsey covered. The band were delighted when they were mentioned in the newspapers and, during their tours, found themselves often in the company of another local band, THE NEW ESTABLISHMENT. Fortunately, the two bands played different material which eliminated the risk of a clash of repertoires.
Immediately after completing these tours, Nick Lombard was served with call-up papers and spent the next two years as a member of 10th Battalion. During his absence various other local musicians filled his berth although he did, occasionally, put in an appearance whilst on “R&R”. The band eventually disintegrated in 1978/79. Dave Amm, a serving policeman, was transferred to another centre whilst Niki Lostrum relocated to Zambia. Dave Amm now resides in Australia having moved there from South Africa in 2007.