Inspired by a young girl who was playing keyboards in a shopping mall during a visit to Cape Town many years ago, Heather bought herself a similar keyboard and decided that she’d emulate the player she’d seen.  Doing it, however, was a little more complicated than she at first thought and, with various obstacles presenting themselves.  Eventually, after a number of trials and tribulations, Heather taught herself how to read music and, armed with her keyboard and voice, launched her music career singing in the Marondellas Hotel on Friday nights on the verandah.

With gathering confidence she regularly upgraded (upsized?) her keyboard and, during this time, she also landed gigs at the Red Fox in Harare.  Just as Heather appeared to be making real progress she was diagnosed with cancer of the throat and was told, after corrective surgery, that she would never sing again.  Seeing this almost as a challenge, she set about re-developing her singing voice which had changed markedly from the pre-operative one.  Nevertheless, Heather emerged victorious and regained her, somewhat changed, voice.   Six weeks after the operation she  sang in the Harare park to a crowd of 1500 or so at the gospel expo,  together with many other names in Zimbabwe.

Once again Heather’s career started to progress and she played at venues such as the Avondale Sports Club,  Sheraton Hotel,  Westgate Shopping Centre,  Borrowdale Shopping Centre,  and at many other private functions,  weddings,  anniversaries,  and birthday parties.

In due course she moved to Bulawayo and found there was much more of a demand for “live” music in that city.  She played regularly at West Nicholson, Que Que,  Gwelo,  and many other smaller places.  Heather then received sponsorship for  a recording studio to make her first tape….Nostalgia.   Kelly Rusike,  Cathy Reed and Dennis Clark all contributed, musically, to this recording.

Heather’s taste in musical is unabashedly of the “Golden Oldies” era, relying on her renditions of such evergreens as “Stuck In The Middle With You”, “Clap Your Hands & Stamp Your Feet”, “Who’ll Stop The Rain?” and “Proud Mary” to get her audiences going.

During the course of 2002 she was able to record to CD 20 tracks….done in Cape Town at Weenen Road Studios.