Circa:  1969 – 1971
Home town:  Salisbury

  • Kevin Barton – Lead guitarist & vocals (band leader)
  • Pat Rouse – Rhythm guitar (Replaced Chris Harding who played keys)
  • Roger Dickinson – Bass guitar (Replaced Dave Charles)
  • Rod Driver – Drums (Replaced Clive “Cherry” Bailey)
  • Tino D’Oliviera – Vocals

In the early days of the band’s existence, they based themselves in the residential area at New Sarum where one of the families lived.  From there they later migrated to town.   At the time some of the band’s members, such as Rod Driver (Mount Pleasant), were still at high school.  The INITIATION played many a gig at the Raylton Club where they had a very solid, and enthusiastic, support base.  They were also seen playing regularly at the Kamfinsa Park Lane hotel did many school dances and weddings. Their material covered all the popular hits and tunes of the day and requests for their services escalated after an appearance on Rhodesia Television during which they performed the Equals’, “Baby Come Back”.   They also appeared in a weekend music festival outside Salisbury alongside a number of other well known groups and performers.  In due course, Roger Dickinson and Rod Driver decided to take their leave of the band moving onto other groups such as the LIVIN’ END.

Initiation 1
GETTING INITIATED? From Left to Right: Chris Harding, Kevin Barton, Rodney Driver and Tino D’Oliviera


Iitiation 2
PURE INITIATION! From Left to Right: Rodney Driver, Chris Harding, Tino D’Oliviera and Kevin Barton.