It is the site administrator’s intention to, not only list the names of those who have passed on but, if possible, to ensure that they each departed person’s contribution to the Rhodie Music scene is properly recorded for posterity.   If you are aware of any of our Rhodie music flock who have passed away, please do not hesitate to advise the site administrator to this effect. If you are able to elaborate a little on their lives, even better. At present, even where information is lacking, the very basic known facts around deaths will posted on the site.  It is hoped, where information is scare, that folk who knew the departed will see these entries and assist in gathering more information or knowledge to compile adequate obituaries.  An appeal is, therefore, extended to our entire readership to ask that you all add any further information you may have in order to build up an individual acknowledgement to each of the departed. If you have copied material or information from other published sources, please advise me of this so that I can get permission to use such extracts and contributions. All submissions should be addressed to: