This page is about supporting those musicians and entertainers out there who have Rhodie connections.  You may well find a Rhodie or two in your neighbourhood.  Many are “lesser lights” who never enjoyed any fame “way back then” or are still waiting for it to arrive!  It’s also about the younger generation, young Rhodies and Zimbo’s or, maybe, the children of Rhodies and Zimbo’s, who are staking a claim in their own particular patch of musical turf.  It all counts, no matter how big or small.  So, if you know of any Rhodies in your neighbourhood drop your web master an e-mail – he’d love to post news of their Rhodie/Zimbo association on this site, together with what they’re up to and where they may be seen and supported. And, hey, if you do manage to support any of these musos go up and say “Hi”.  The guys ‘n gals are guaranteed to appreciate the support!