Guitar teacher/performer/songwriter.

A veteran of the Rhodie Music scene, Jeff formed the Salisbury band, TRIBAL SUICIDE, whilst still a school lad at Prince Edward.  After military service interrupted his music activities, he relocated to South Africa and joined the well known Bulawayo band, SHALIMA.  During his three-and-a-half years with SHALIMA he appeared throughout South Africa and Rhodesia at various venues and events.  In 1978, whilst the band were resident at Bulawayo’s ELECTRIC CIRCUS club, he decided to leave the band finding the constant touring and lifestyle too demanding to maintain.  Jeff returned to Johannesburg where he found that their had been a major shift in the music business making professional music, especially for bands, a tough existence when it came to financial matters. As a result he went into graphic art for many years until 2007 when he decided to return to music on a  full time basis as a guitar teacher, songwriter and player.  Since then he has continued to gig regularly around Johannesburg, his services being in much demand.  Taking advantage of evolving technologies, Jeff makes productive use of YouTube to promote his teaching skills and talents.  He also has a Facebook page called JEFF DIX MUSIC.

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Jeff Dix – Little Wing