Present location:  Cape Town

Jerry Barnard 2003

Jerry was born in Manchester, England, and moved to Zimbabwe with his parents at the age of 7.  During his days of schooling he spent many an hour developing his guitar playing skills having decided that he would pursue a career in music once out of school.  It was in Salisbury that he built his first recording studio.  Around about this time he also formed THE DRIFTERS, a band which was to achieve major success on the local scene leading to acclaimed tours of the South African club circuit.  During 1973 and 1974 Jerry landed the starring role of Jesus Christ in the play “Jesus Christ Superstar” with the six week season at REPS theatre in Salisbury featuring THE DRIFTERS as the backing band!  The band then collectively made the decision to relocate to Australia where they performed regularly in Sydney and Brisbane.  During this time the band changed its name to HOLY BLACK and was fronted by the well known South African female singer, UNA VALLI.  Upon returning to South Africa the band featured a new drummer, Shane Mahoney, who went on to become a member of the successful group, Ballyhoo.  A highlight of HOLY BLACK’S time of existence was touring South Africa as the support act for the Albert Hammond tour.

In 1981 Jerry started a company called B & S Studios (Pty) Ltd which went on to establish itself as one of – if not the – leading Cape Town recording facility.  As a recording engineer Jerry was won many plaudits and was instrumental in the recording and production of the award winning David Kramer album “Die Royal Hotel”.  In the advertising field he has also won numerous international awards including the “International Radio Festival” award, “New York Grand Prix”, the “London International Advertising Awards” and numerous “Loerie Grand Prix” awards.

In 1982/83 Jerry formed LATE FINAL with Richard Black with Jerry switching to bas guitar.  He produced the band’s hit record “Lat Dat Dee Dat Daa” and played a major role in producing, and playing on, another well known Late Final cover song, “Who Loves You?”.

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