Present location:  London, England.

Jim spent much of his youth in the Fort Victoria area where he was involved in well known local bands, Nocturnal Creatures, Beserk, Thatch and Anvil.  In the mid-70’s Jim relocated from Zimbabwe to England hoping to continue his music career, Naked Angel iconhowever, he was initially unsuccessful and left the music field.  Twenty years later, in 1996, his enthusiasm and determination fired up again, Jim resigned from his IT job and started to work the club circuit again.  This led to him doing session work as well which encouraged him to start playing his own compositions.  To his surprise, these were well received.

Jim then met up with a husband and wife team, Wil and Kat, who invited him to form a three-piece with them, an offer which he duly accepted.  This resulted in the creation of Naked Angel.  Lacking a bass player, this was addressed when Jim invited a friend of his, Brian Jenking, to join the line-up.  The band have released two CD’s in the United Kingdom.

The band run their own club in Crouch Hill, North London, called “The Chill On The Hill” which is gaining a reputation as a showcase of new talent on the London scene.  Naked Angel follow a full gigging programme and, apart from their London based activities, have appeared at festivals in Germany and Holland.  Away from Naked Angel, Jim is very active with Music In Hospitals which is an organisation with a pool of musicians who play for hospitals, retirement homes and institutions for the mentally ill.

Check the band out at nakedangel.co.uk

In his own words…

“I was born in Rochford, Essex when I still quite young and my parents moved to Zimbabwe when I was five. With the help of a large scale A to Z of Africa I was soon able to track them down much to their dismay.
As a child I was never known as “Hawkeye” due to my ability to stand in a forest of legs, trunks and large flapping ears and say “What elephants?”.
We spent many happy hot winter evenings gathered around a roaring lion while my mother screamed for us,  thus music found it’s way into my life.
I started playing the guitar when I was about 11 just in case John Lennon decided to leave The Beatles.
Due to the lack of bands in Zimbabwe at the time, I started my own when I was 17, playing lead/rhythm guitar and sometimes twelve string and bass.
My first band was The Nocturnal Creatures, we travelled miles in my Hillman Husky – a small car filled with four band members, guitars, amps and drums. We played wherever there was electricity – hotels, farms, schools and agricultural shows beckoned.
After living in Zimbabwe for twenty years I moved back to England and became involved in the North London Acoustic Network, where I first met Kat and Brian. I still play in various North/Central London folk/acoustic clubs when I get the chance.
I have also played several acoustic gigs in Zimbabwe on my visits back there recently, my favourites being The Sheraton Hotel in Harare, Hillcrest college in Mutare, the car park at Kariba airport and Tiger Bay on the shoreline of Lake Kariba. It’s great having a bit of sunshine and an amazing view when you’re playing!
My solo act consists of a variety of covers including amongst others, Donovan, The Beatles, The Doors, Pere Ubu and Pink Floyd, interspersed with some of my own songs. All are performed on acoustic or electric six and twelve string guitars with occasional mouth organ.
My musical influences ranges from Marty Robbins, through The Beatles to Frank Zappa and The Residents with pieces of traditional Zimbabwean music thrown in for good measure.”

“A truly wonderful musician and human being” – Jim’s mum
“Jim who?” – time Out