Jody WayneBorn in Bangalore, India, of Canadian parents, Jody accompanied his parents when they relocated to Rhodesia via a short time in England.  After completing high school, Jody teamed up with Mike Shannon to launch THE DIAMONDS.  THE DIAMONDS later moved to Australia and, subsequent to their departure, Jody  started to appear on Rhodesia Television to much acclaim in the 60’s.

In 1965 he moved to Durban, South Africa, where he formed LITTLE JO & THE TRAVELLERS with John Rice and Bill Fleming on guitars.  LM DJ Dave Davies noticed their potential and gave them daily exposure on LM Radio.  During this period the band appeared on radio shows together with such international names as Jim Reeves, Floyd Cramer, Francois Hardy, Chet Atkins and John D Loudermilk, all of whom visited the country (RSA) in the 60’s.

After a period of about 18 months the band ceased due to military call-ups and Jody went solo winning the South African Song Festival in 1965 with ‘A Voice In The Dark’.  A long series of hits followed this breakthrough.  During this time Jody formed THE JODY WAYNE SCENE which later became GUYS & DOLLS.

In the 70’s Jody turned his hand to producing other artists including Barbara Ray, Gwynneth Ashley Robins, Neil Herbert and The Stockley Sisters, some of whom he discovered.

In 1975 Jody played the lead role in PACT’s production of ‘Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.  Following that production he continued to perform widely throughout South Africa at various shows and festivals.   This he continues to this day.

Jody Wayne cover photoRecordings


A Voice In The Dark (1965) PYE
Tell Laura I Love Her (1966) RCA
Are You Sure (1966) PYE
Sixteen Candles (1966) PYE
Patches (1966) PYE
The Three Bells (1966) PYE
Cookie (1976) PYE (with Glennys Lynne)
All For The Love Of A Girl (1968) PYE
Little Tin Soldier (1968) PYE
Ragamuffin Girl (1969) PYE
The Wedding (1970) RCA
A Time For Us (1970) RCA
The Wonder Of Your Love (1971) RCA
Louanne (1971) RCA
Little Things Mean A Lot (1971) RCA
Picture Of Patches (1971) RCA
I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door (1974) RCA
Take Me Back Again (1976) RCA
Jody Remember Me (1977) RCA
Heartbeat (1978)
Are You Mine? (1979)
I’ll Never Dance Again (1980) EXPLOSION
Young Lovers (1982) PLUM


Jody (1966) PYE
Jody Wayne Sings (1966) PYE
16 Candles (1966) PYE
Single Boy (1967) PYE
The Wedding (1970) RCA
To My Love (1970) RCA
By Request (1975) PLUM
Everything Is Beautiful (1976) PLUM
Send Me Some Loving (1976) PLUM
Jody Wayne Collection (1992) TRANSISTOR

Plus two tracks on the compilation:

Record Expresso’s Dance Party (1966) RCA-VICTOR