Joey was born in Bulawayo and grew up in Que Que and Redcliff.  He returned to Bulawayo for his high schooling and attended Hamilton and Northlea.  After school, he completed his National Service before joining the local band Cutlass (see separate entry) and played  a number of local gigs, including regular appearances at the Holiday Inn.  Joey then spent a couple of years in the United Kingdom before returning to Zimbabwe whereupon he joined local outfit, the Banned.   Like Cutlass, Banned also played regularly at the local Holiday Inn where they enjoyed a good following.  He also teamed up with Rick Accorsi and Barry Henderson in Those Guys.   Following this Joey played with Fernando Lopes and Tookie Androulakis at Joe’s Place until 1998 when he once again returned to the United Kingdom.  Back in Britain Joey provided the instrumental music for a natural wildlife documentary produced by a film company called “Osprey”.  This production went on to win an international television award for best wildlife documentary.  Subsequent to this, Joey composed and recorded a Sad African Tale which is dedicated to the raising of funds for captured rhino breeding.

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