Singer – Guitarist – Songwriter

Home town:  Harare

Born in June, 1953, in what-was-then Salisbury (Harare), John acquired his first guitar (a Gallo Ace) when his father, somewhat motivated by the Beatles’ phenomenon, presented him with his first instrument.  Self taught, John took himself to proficiency on the guitar.  At the time John was attending Ellis Robins High School.  When he completed high school be took on an apprenticeship at Hubert Davies.

In due course John joined HERITAGE when Will Wallace left the band.  During his time with this group, he wrote a number of songs which were recorded by HERITAGE at Shed Studios under the watchful guidance of Steve Roskilly and David Scobie.  These songs were “No Memory Lane”, “Reggae Blues”, “Let The Rain Come” and “Hunters On The Run”.

Subsequent to his time with HERITAGE, he went on to play with RAZZLE when Benny Miller took his leave.  During this period John wrote the Overture for a production at the REPS Theatre called “For Amusement Only”.  This show was directed by Adrian Stanley.

After his time with RAZZLE, John was asked to join a band called C’EST LA VIE.  The band’s members were younger than him and were happy to accept his guidance and experience. The band were known for their Beatles’ covers and were popular wherever they performed.  John wrote two songs which were recorded by the band at Pete Van Deventer’s studio in Greendale.  Both songs, “All I Wanna Do Is Boogie” and “Under Your Spell”, were engineered by Bud Cockcroft.

In recent years John has been a prolific songwriter and musician on the Zimbabwe music scene.  He has a comprehensive and well designed website at: