A very special event has held in Cape Town on Saturday, 08 September, 2006, when Rhodesian’s most renowned troubadour and songwriting, John Edmond, was presented with an “award” by Mr. Ian Douglas Smith at a special luncheon.  The occasion was the brainchild of none other than the tireless Ann Bishop, who fittingly chose to stage the occasion at Nick Iacovou and Mano Castle HotelCoulentianos’ (of Mano’s fame) restaurant upstairs in the Castle Hotel, Canterbury Street, Zonnebloem.  Ann’s idea was born of the realisation that John had never been formally thanked for all that he has done over many years to raise funds for needy Rhodesians.  It was not difficult to decide a gift that John would really appreciate – a portrait of Rhodesia’s most famous Prime Minister, Ian Douglas Smith.  And what better than to have the man himself present it.   As game as ever, Mr Smith arrived at the hotel in the careful hands of Winston Hart and Ron Reid-Daly.  Despite the organisers’ and carers’ efforts to convince him that he may need very careful help up the challenging stairs, he was in no mood for accepting excessive charity and pressed on determinedly with careful attention from Roger Watt!!  Visitors to the area may well be expected to be put off by its less than salubrious surroundings, however, once inside the building and up to the first floor the restaurant is an absolute revelation – as is the catering, panoramic view, quality of food, service and prices!!  After an extremely good luncheon, most diners Persoanl Portraitretired to the public bar downstairs to watch the rugby Test match between South Africa and Australia.  Needless to say, the way was led by the two dignitaries!  It was late afternoon before the rugby watchers and dining room stragglers eventually vacated the building, all reluctant to let go of a day which had been particularly special to those 50 guests or so who were present.


RM - IDS Teresa & John
Mr Ian Douglas Smith with Teresa and John Edmond.