Home town:  Salisbury
Circa:  1960’s – 1990’s

Fortune (real name Julian Pellatt) started playing guitar as a 12 year old in 1967/68, inspired by musicians of the area, predictably the Beatles, Peter Paul & Mary and Bob Dylan.  His first public performance was as a 13/14 year old at the Beverly Rocks Motel when he and his sister, Debs, did a rendition of “Polly Von” learnt from a Peter, Paul & Mary recording.  With strong encouragement and support from CLEM THOLET, the duo persisted and laid the foundations for many long years of association with the Rhodesian folk music scene.  Indeed, the vehicle for this was the Rhodesian Folk Music Association which thrived throughout these years until its demise in 1979.  As Julian – along with many other local artists – gained confidence and experience, they started to set out on country-wide tours, taking their brand of talent and entertainment the length and breadth of the land.  Along the way, CLEM THOLET invited Julian and some of his contemporaries to sing backing vocals on what was to be a massive local hit – “Rhodesians Never Die”.  This was recorded at Shed Productions studio under the guiding hand of Steve Roskilly.  Julian had further involvement in the broadcast media when he and John Palgrave contributed to the creation of a popular radio series called “Everyman’s Music”, produced by Caroline Thorneycroft.  He also had the good fortune – excuse the pun! – to feature in a  couple of television appearances in Rhodesia TV.  

In the late 70’s, following the end of the Beverley Rocks scene and era, Julian moved to Umtali for a time before relocating to the United Kingdom.  Whilst resident in Umtali he continued to travel to Salisbury to make appearances at a club called Sarah’s, in which John Palgrave had a hand.  Back in Umtali he was a regular performer and will be remembered by the clientele of fine establishments such as the Wise Owl Motel.