Circa:  1979 – 1983

Home town:  Que Que


  • Frank Green – Lead guitar (later replaced by Gary ??)
  • Les Kirby – Guitar
  • Mike McGuire – Bass (later replaced by “Cool” Jules ???)
  • Mike Burchell – Drums

The band kicked off their “career” as the resident outfit at the Impala Grill in Redcliff during the reign of Frenchman, Michael Longcault.  After a year or two there they moved over to the Risco Club every Friday and Saturday.  In between these regular gigs, they’d squeeze in appearances at the Que Que Hotel and the Golden Mile.  Apparently one of  their most memorable gigs was an all-nighter at a game farm, the names of the owners of which will not be revealed!  If any of you were there please contact the site administrator!!  Somewhere along the way, Les Kirby was spotted by a talent scout of sorts and was invited to audition with Martin Norris at Shed Studios in Salisbury.  Les presented himself and cut a solo disc which never came to anything.  So much for “Pop Idols”!!

Loose Enz
At loose ens waiting for an Impala to Grill!! Left to Right: Mike Burchell, Mike McGuire, Les Kirby and Frank Green.

With “Independence” having come about in Zimbabwe, Frank and Mike decided to return to South Africa and, although they were replaced by able substitutes, the original members of the band had lost energy, focus and interest.  Indeed, they looked forward to the weekends they weren’t playing although the money had certainly been of great benefit.  Mike Burchell, for instance, was driving a new Mitsubishi Lancer thanks to the earnings he had made through music.

Mike took himself off on holiday to South Africa and, upon his return, played one more wedding gig at the Golden Mile before chucking it in.  In 1983 he emigrated to South Africa and made his home in  East London.  It has not been established what eventually became of Loose Enz as the band seemingly continued after Mike’s departure.