Home town:

  • Tony Divaris
  • Johnny Divaris
  • Christo Divaris
  • Keith Lander
  • Roy Jackson

Mello Yello was formed by a group of school buddies from Mount Pleasant Boys High with Tony, Christo, Keith and Roy being in the same class.  Roy Jackson recalls that the band were really pulled together by Alaster Purvis who realised that they didn’t play their instruments particularly well!  With perseverance, however, the improved and had a lot of enjoyment gigging at Salisbury’s most popular venues such as Bretts, as well as further afield at Mazoe, Bindura and Sinoia.  They also played many a gig for the Army and Airforce.  As far as material was concerned, the band were guided by the weekly Lyons Maid Hit Parade.

They only entered one rock band contest where they landed second place.  On another occasion, they played with two other top bands at Bretts and definitely stole the show.  It was a night to remember!

Keith then left the band and was replaced by a guitarist called Rooi (no further details recalled!), except to say that he was an extremely good player.  Roy Jackson left the band a year later followed by others who departed rendering Yello defunct.  Latest information to hand is that Roy Jackson and Keith Lander are in England and Johnny and Christo Divaris are in South Africa.