Home town:  Salisbury
Circa:  1972

  • Bernie Miller – Vocals, guitar & keyboards
  • Rob Milne – Vocals, guitar & keyboards
  • Allan Clarke – Bass (later replaced by Eugene – surname known – in Rivonia, Johannesburg)
  • Allan Hunter – Drums

After being formed by Rob Milne, the band headed to South Africa to take up a contract at Deals Hotel in East London (the hotel which had given well known South African name, the Dealians their name).  The names of MESSIAH wasn’t well received by certain religious groups in East London so, before starting the gig, the band held a “Name The Band” competition.  As a result, the band renamed themselves, ODYSSEY.

Upon completing their time in East London, the band moved to the Skyline Hotel in Johannesburg.  After being fired from there (along with a couple of other bands) they moved across town to the Rivonia Hotel.  Their agent for that gig was none other than Alain D Wolff.

When that period was over, Rob Milne returned to Salisbury where he joined MUNCH.