Circa: 1971
Home town: Salisbury

  • Digby Baillie – Lead vocals & trumpet
  • Pete Baillie – Rhythm guitar & vocals (Took over lead when Tony Hopkins left)
  • Tony Hopkins – Lead guitar, organ & vocals (Was replaced on organ & vocals by Pete Hastings)
  • Chris Brown – Tenor saxophone & vocals
  • Alan Young – Bass guitar & vocals
  • Clive Kluckow – Drums (Replaced by Pete Bishton)
Mother Natures Sun
Mother Nature’s Sun beaming on! From Left to Right: Alan Young (bass), Pete Bishton (drums), Pete Baillie (rhythm guitar), Digby Baillie (lead guitar) and Pete Hastings (keyboards).

The band, which was started by brothers Pete and Digby Baillie in 1971, unabashedly took its name from a song of the same name on the Beatles double White album.  As the band had a sax player in the shape of Chris Brown, Digby Baillie decided to teach himself trumpet (with a little help from his friends!) and, together, they succeeded in creating what was arguably Rhodesia’s first “pop” band with a brass section.  The band’s members fondly recall that it wasn’t long after Nick Pickard had dropped into one of their Saturday lunchtime gigs, at La Boheme, that Holy Black added brass to their line-up.  Coincidence or influence?  Naturally the band included songs of the day which featured brass, such as Blood, Sweat and Tear’s “Spinning Wheel”.  When Tony Hopkins and Clive Kluckow left the band’s ranks confusion abounded as their replacements both bore the christian names of Peter, resulting in three Peters in the band!  This was guaranteed to perplex any audience!  The band thrived until 1973 playing all the regular venues including La Boheme, Le Coq D’Or and the Queens Hotel.  Whilst some of the members drifted overseas, Pete and Digby Baillie relocated to Durban where they reformed the group.  The band continued to perform until 1990 and, despite the various personnel changes that occurred, Pete Baillie remained a founding member.  

1971 Original Mother Natures Sun - RS