Circa: 1969
Home town: Bulawayo

  • Brian Powell – Lead guitar & vocals
  • Keith Small – Bass
  • Rik Accorsi – Keyboards
  • Rob Walmsley – Keyboards (Replaced Ronald Tuohy when he left to join the Air Force)

The later line-up was:

  • Brian Powell – Lead guitar & vocals
  • Rob Walmsley – Keyboards
  • Keith Small – Bass
  • Frank Reynolds – Drums

The name of the band which was the forerunner to MR. ALLEN’S ESTATE can no longer be recalled, however, the basic line-up of musicians was similar. The band played a number of gigs around Bulawayo, most notably at the Large and Small City Halls, the MacDonald Club (Mac Club) and Callies Sports Club. They were then approached by John Butcher of the Stork Club who offered them a residency, backing an imported comedian and singer known as Lucky Nelson, a drummer called “Spider” Kennedy and Rusty, the resident stripper. At this stage Rik Accorsi left the band and Brian Powell moved to rhythm guitar to make way for “Spider” Kennedy. Within a week of commencing at the Stork Club there was an altercation between Lucky and “Spider” which led to Lucky punching “Spider” on stage during the course of a performance, breaking his glasses! Lucky was asked to leave, and Rusty’s services were terminated as John Butcher wanted to try to attract a younger set of people to the club. It was at this stage that the remaining members of the band adopted the name of MR ALLEN’S ESTATE. Keith Small is credited with having come up with this name which not all the band members liked. The band subsequently made a number of television appearances on Doug Gordon’s show. Ronald Tuohy duly left the band and his place was taken by a keyboardist, Rob Walmsley, although he did a number of spots with the band after leaving, standing in for Rob on one occasion in the recording of a Doug Gordon show.

This band later gave rise to PLATO’S REPUBLIC WASHINGTON