MURRAY HAMMOND (26 May 2017)

Born in Gatooma in 1945, Murray spent most of his youth in Bulawayo where he attended Gifford Technical High School.  During these years he taught himself bass guitar and, in 1966, as a 21 year old, he joined a popular local band, FORMULA.  It was at this time that he met the woman who was become his wife, Lorraine.  In 1967, Murray, together with a couple of other band mates, decided to relocate to South Africa to see how thy wold fare on the professional circuit.  They soon joined up with Rupert Mellor (keyboards) and Dave Ridgeway (lead) and formed a band called HELL’S DISCIPLES.  The band soon landed a residency at the famed Durban night spot, Smuggler’s Inn.  This lasted until 1967 when Murray decided to return to Bulawayo.

Murray and friends jamming in the early days.

In 1981, Murray, Lorraine and their three children, moved to Queensland in Australia where he started a sign-writing business.  In 2005 he joined a music program called ‘Weekend Warriors’ and, through this, teamed up with a group of “old rockers” and formed a group called HIGHWAY ONE.  They played regularly at local sports and RSL clubs.

In his latter years, Murray developed a passion for wood carving and developed quite a reputation as a master carver.  Sadly he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away on 26 May, 2017.  Murray’s passing was deeply felt by the family and his loss continues to be felt.  Murray is survived by his wife, Lorraine, sons, Warren and Justin, daughter, Melanie, daughter-in-law, Natalie, and grandchildren, Rhys and Audrey.

(With thanks to Lorraine Hammond for the additional information allowing this piece to have been compiled).