Circa:  1971
Home town:  Gwelo

  • Adrian “Ade” Newton – 12 string rhythm guitar & vocals
  • Ryk De Kock – Lead, Hawaiian slide guitar & vocals
  • Pete Badenhorst – Bass & vocals
  • Joey De Kock – Drums
New Establishmentv1
THE NEW ESTABLISHMENT Left – Right: Ade Newton (12 string Rhythm guitar & vocals)/Ryk De Kock (Lead, Hawaiian slide guitar & vocals), Joey De Kock (Drums) & Pete Badenhorst (Bass guitar & vocals).

The New Establishment was born out of The Establishment with Ade Newton replacing Paul Stromsoe and Joey De Kock replacing Roger (???) on drums.  The band started off playing social functions, dances and weddings in the Gwelo vicinity at venues such as the Sports Club, Moth Club and Hellenic Hall.  They had a regular lunchtime gig at the Midlands Hotel where a buffet lunch was served, this proving to be a popular event amongst the townsfolk.  In due course the band spread its wings and began playing at towns throughout the Midlands.  They also fronted a couple of touring South African bands when they appeared in Gwelo, including HAWK.  The band’s members recall their best gig being one at the Crazy Horse Saloon fancy dress dance at the Royal Hotel.

Today, Ade Newton resides in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, Pete Badenhorst was last seen in Durban in 1987 playing bar and night club venues and the whereabouts of the De Kocks – at this time – are unknown.

The New Establishment - Full Size
PULL THOSE STRINGS, BOY! Ade Newton Lays It Down