Present location:  United Kingdom.

Nigel’s music career began as a youngster with the Salisbury band, Antioch, amongst whose other members was Nick Matzukis who was later to achieve stardom on the South African rock scene.  After the demise of Antioch and the departure of various members from Zimbabwe, Nigel stayed on to play a role in a  number of local bands for many years.  These included the well known outfits, GUTTER, the BANNED and the PROOF.

Nigel eventually relocated to England where he was a founding member of the No-Name Band.  The band was formed on a whim to play a British Telecom staff party in 1995 in Fleet, Hampshire.  The following year they played at The Underground in Leeds and the Frimley Green Working Men’s Club in Hampshire.  The following year saw them gigging at the Telecom Tower in London!

The gigs at Leeds and Frimley left many memories.  For a start, due to Anton’s unavailability, a drummer had to be found at very short notice.  Nigel got onto the telephone and call his old Antioch mate in Jo’burg, Nick Matzukis, a call and offered him the stand-in gig.  Nick leapt at the offer and boarded a plane for London, arriving on a Thursday.  The next day was spent rehearsing at Guildford, followed the next day by the road trip to Leeds for the gig that same night.  Sunday was used to recover before their return road trip to London where they played the Frimley Green gig the following night.  The gig was a blinder, all on the back of one day’s rehearsing.  For the Telecom Tower gig, the band played right on the very top on the revolving floor which houses a restaurant.  They have indeed had London at their feet!