Home town: Salisbury

  • Rui Castelho – Lead vocals
  • Mike Reed – Guitar
  • Alan Young – Guitar
  • George Montenegro – Keyboards
  • Carlos Rodrigues – Drums

The Nite Stars were originally a splinter group from the Eduardo Matos band (See Eduardo Matos under “SOLOS”).   After a promising start, during which time the band landed a full year’s contract at the New Quorn Hotel, conflicting agendas lead to key members of the band departing.  With their recently landed Quorn contract in danger of revocation, the hotel management gave the band the opportunity to find new members.  This resulted in Eddie MatosFran Matos and Jimmy Irvine, all previously of the DIONS, joining their erstwhile friends and fellow musicians in the NITE STARS.  Having salvaged their contract with the Quorn it all came to nought when, three  months later, the establishment was sold.  Again, key band members were lost but Eddie decided to persevere with what remained and a name change to the BAKERSVILLE 5 was to transpire.  (Please see BAKERSVILLE 5 under “BANDS”).

Nite Stars Named