Norman joined the British South Africa Police in 1965, bringing with him a twelve string guitar.  As the depot barracks were inspected every Saturday, he would do his best to conceal the item as discreetly as possible in his cupboard in an attempt to escape the gaze of the Depot Commander, the legendary Ron Trangmar!  Needless to say, Trangmar usually spotted it, acknowledging its presence through a number of disparaging remarks about people who played guitars.

When posted to Bulawayo, Norman made the occasional appearance on television as a newsreader using the name, Norman O’Reardon.  He still cannot explain why he chose this nom de plume.  His newsreading career came to an end one evening when, after having had a few drinks, he softly strummed his guitar throughout the news broadcast providing a musical background that was neither planned nor appreciated!!

Norman was active on the local folk circuit and teamed up with another police friend, Mike Deemer, to form a duo which kept active in the various clubs and gatherings.   Over the years Norman performed with various colleagues and friends with the most notorious probably being Paddy White’s Plastic Shithouse Band!  He remains active to this day having developed a passion for his 5 string banjo and indulging in bluegrass music.