Circa: 1968
Home town: Bulawayo

Alan Zipper
Alan Zipper – Bass guitar
Rob Zipper singing
Rob Zipper – Vocals/guitar/harmonica/saxophone




Ivor drumming
Ivor Rubenstein – Drums
Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson – Flute
Leigh Sagar
Leigh Sagar – Lead guitar






  • Angus McLean – Piano
  • Bennie Miller – Guitar

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Otis Waygood were the finest exponents of blues Southern Africa has ever had. The forerunner of Otis Waygood Blues Band was BLUES CRUSADE, heavily influenced by John Lee Hooker and Muddy Otis Waygood 1970Waters-style of blues. In November 1969, Rob & Alan Zipper, Ivor Rubenstein and Leigh Sagar moved to South Africa and undertook a self-organised countrywide tour. This exposure led to their being signed up by the Clive Calder-Ralph Simon management team.  Singer and flautist, Martin Jackson, had a brief spell in the line-up during this period but left in November 1970 and was replaced by Harry Paulus. Bennie Miller had left Rhodesia by this time and had come down to join Otis Waygood, replacing Paulus.
Otis Waygood’s blues-jazz fusion made them one of the top live bands of the early 70’s but, unfortunately, their releases failed to do them real justice. Nevertheless, “FEVER” must rate as one of the finest singles ever released in South Africa.
In 1971 the group travelled to the United Kingdom. After several years of playing the British clubs, as Otis Waygood, they change their name to ISIAH. Little was heard of them until 1974, when re-naming themselves again as IMMIGRANT, they added three Caribbean musicians to their line-up and pursued a more reggae-based sound. Ivor Rubenstein has since joined another British reggae outfit.
Fever (1970) on Parlophone
Everything I Am (1970) on Decca (Possibly a UK release)
Otis Waygood Blues Band (1970) on Parlophone
Simply (1971) on Parlophone
Ten Light Claps And A Scream (1971) on Parlophone
They were also featured on the compilation album:
Rock Today With The Big Heavies And Mixed Bag (1971) on Parlophone