Circa: 1961
Home town: Umtali

  • Charlie Armstrong – Vocals & rhythm guitar
  • Tony Arnoldi – Rhythm guitar
  • John Delaney – Bass
  • Dennis Jones – Drums (later joined the GENTLEMAN)

Additional members:

  • Ian Steel – Drums (Replaced Dennis Jones upon his departure)
  • Anthony Went 
  • Tommy Goddard 


The Outlaws - 1961 - Full Size
THE OUTLAWS – The original band On The Run? (1961). From Left to Right: Charlie Armstrong (lead guitar), Tony Arnoldi (rhythm guitar), John Delaney (bass) and Dennis Jones (drums).

Apart from being regulars on the local Umtali scene, with their close proximity to Mozambique, The Outlaws played frequently at the Estoril in Beira, particularly over long weekends and public holidays.  The band enjoyed early success when, soon after their creation, they were placed third in a Rock Band Contest held in Salisbury.  Charlie Armstrong roped brother, Derek, in as their first “roadie” and he spent many hours carrying Vox amps and mic stands around, as well as joining – or replacing – the loop tape in the Watkins Echo Chamber.  In between all these “engineering responsibilities” he had to ensure that the band members did not suffer from dehydration on stage, ensuring a steady supply of Mellowood brandy and Coke! On one memorable occasion the band had played a session at the Anglican Church hall and were not quite sure of how to dispose of the Outlaws Adv2emptied brandy bottles that had accrued.  No problem – they carefully placed them inside of the keypad of the church’s piano for later retrieval.  So far, so good.  The plan, however, went totally wrong when they forgot to do this and the Church pianist suddenly encountered a particularly strange action when she next tried to play the piano!!  The subsequent “investigation” led to the immediate discovery of the bottles.  It wasn’t long before the culprits were identified and they were only able to appease the situation by making a public apology to the community!

 In 1963 Dennis Jones left the band and relocated to Kitwe where he started the FORTUNES.  In due course he returned to Rhodesia and joined the GENTLEMEN, together with the FORTUNES’ lead vocalist, Tony Winhall.  Winhall was later to die to meningitis.