Circa: 1967 – 1971
Home town:

The band was originally formed in 1967 in Malawi by Reg Hassen with the line-up as follows:

  • Reg Hassen – Vocals and lead guitar
  • Billy Gemmell – Vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Steven Walker – Bass
  • Victor Lobo – Drums

Additional member:

  • Jean Claude Niner – Lead guitar.  Was added to the founding quartet at a later stage.

In July 1973 Reg Hassen left the band, and Malawi, the band continuing to perform after his departure.  During his tenure with the band, Passion Wagon won a rock contest held at Kanjedza in Malawi.

Subsequent to Hassen’s departure, there were various changes to the band’s members during the period of its continued existence.

  • Tony Figerado – Vocals
  • Bill Gemmell – Lead/rhythm guitars
  • Alan Vale – Guitar
  • Ian Van Someran – Drums
  • ??? Harrison #1 – Lead/rhythm (Replaced Figerado in 1967)
  • Vic Lobow – Drums (Replaced Van Someran in 1967)
  • Dennis Scott – Vocals & lead/rhythm guitar (Joined band in 1968)
  • ??? Harrison #2 – Guitar/Vocalist (Brother of Harrison #1 and replaced Scott in 1971)

It is a widely held view that Dennis Scott’s arrival took the band to unprecedented heights PassionwagonV2with the group playing all genres of music from bubblegum to rock and blues. Scott composed a number of original songs during this period and, in 1970, the band laid down some demo material whilst in Malawi at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s facilities. The demo recording was later lost when the band’s manager, Flavio Vergnano, was relocating from one country to another.






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