Home town:  Salisbury
Band members:

  • Eddie Matos
  • Mike Reed
  • Mike Marks
  • Tony Evans  Drums
  • Stuart Ogilvie

Having recently been formed, Patch of Blue soon started to make an impact on the local scene due, no doubt, to the fact that they had some seasoned local musicians in their ranks.  Producing an unabashedly commercial sound, the band soon landed a regular gig on Friday and Saturday nights at the Quorn hotel.  Unfortunately, old tensions flared up again and Eddie Matos left the band after about seven months.  With the passing of his father, Eddie moved to South Africa with his mother and sister, Fran, herself no novice as a singer on t he local scene.  Prior to relocating, Eddie sold all his gear to Clem Tholet and was never to play in a band again.

Patch Of Blue
PATCH OF BLUE in a purple patch.



RS - Patch Of Blue 1 Pic


RS - Patch Of Blue 2 Pic


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