Present location:  United Kingdom.

Paul Bennett

In the mid-60’s Paul was a member of the Rhodesian bands, the VAGRANTS and the EXPERIMENTAL BEARD BAND.   Leaving Zimbabwe in 1968 he moved to London where he did a two year stint with Island records as a sound engineer.  Following that he did eight years on the road as a front-of-house mixing engineer and toured with bands and artists such as GENESIS and MILES DAVIS.  In 1977 he moved to South Africa and, after working for RPM Records, joined Colloseum Acoustics in Johannesburg and toured with CLIFF RICHARD, CHRIS DE BURGH  and WILSON PICKETT, amongst others.  In 1981 he moved to Cape Town where he remained for fourteen years building studios and producing corporate videos.  He had his own band during this period called ELECTRO-GENIE, later changing the name to WYRED and, finally, FEEL 21.   This band featured the well known and highly respected drummer, MALCOLM POSTLETHWAITE (a regular member of bands at places like Bretts and Le Coq D’Or in the years preceding).   Paul then left South Africa and, after four years in Australia, returned to England where he continues to play guitar and compose his own music.  He has recorded three CD’s and works at the Bournemouth & Pool College teaching Music Technology.