Circa:  1971 – 1976
Home Town:  Salisbury

  • Alan Prewitt Guitar

The Executives A Prewett

  • Mike Rainbow Vocals
  • Roger Dickinson 
  • John Hodgkinson – Guitar

The Executives Guitar Man

  • Stu Ogilvy – Drums


The Executives Stu Drums

  • Lorraine Hodgkinson – Keyboards and percussion

PENTHOUSE gigged regularly on Saturday nights at the Highlands Park Hotel for over a year and took great pride in their harmonies.  Their renditions of Beatles, Beach Boys and Hollies material were particularly popular for this reason.    La Boheme was another club they appeared at extensively, progressing from Saturday lunchtimes and Sunday nights to seven-days-a-week for three months at the same venue.  They also made the occasional appearance on Rhodesia Television.

Penthouse At Highlands Park
PENTHOUSE – Hitting the high notes at the Highlands Park Hotel From Left to Right: John Hodgkinson, Alan Prewitt, Stu Ogilvy & Mike Rainbow




Penthouse At La Bom
PENTHOUSE – Putting the “oo” back into cool!! From Left to Right: Alan Prewitt, Mike Rainbow, John Hodgkinson, Roger Dickinson & Stu Ogilvy



Penthouse At RTV
PENTHOUSE ON CAMERA – Rhodesia Television Bet you’d never guess they were doing “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”? From left to right: Roger Dickinson, Alan Prewitt & John Hodgkinson & a guest from the Beverley Rocks Folk Club – Bruce Pentreath