Circa:   1969/1971
Home town:

  • Tommy (Sean) Goddard – Lead vocals
  • Keith Small – Lead guitar
  • Ric Accorsi – Keyboards
  • John Kirsten – Bass
  • Frank Reynolds – Drums

This band rubbed shoulders with the best that local music had to offer, including the SILHOUETTES (LINCOLN), SHORT CIRCUIT GUAVAS and HARM’S WAY.   In early 1971 they decided to turn pro and changed their name to WASHINGTON.  With this, Tommy Sean was replaced by John Keyser and the band moved to South Africa to “give it a go”!   After about a year WASHINGTON disbanded and the individual members went their separate ways.

Frank Reynolds later formed a band called BROTHERLOVE with South Africa’s Paul De Villiers and Attie Van Wyk.  Without going pro with the band, he did all their local gigs in Pretoria.  The band lasted for about two years until Paul decided to further his career in the USA – he achieved this and later became Ann Murray’s sound engineer.  Thereafter he “cracked” it big time with a band called Mr. Mister.  Attie went on to form Big Concerts in Gauteng, South Africa, the main agent for staging the biggest acts in SA.