Circa: 1963 – 1967.
Home town:

  • Benny Miller  Rhythm guitar
  • Ivan Rabinowitz – Lead guitar (When Ivan left in 1965 to go to University, he was replaced by George Santa Clara – who came in on rhythm – with Bennie switching to lead guitar).
  • Alan Klukow
  • Albert Alan Owen
  • Phillip Roberts – Bass (See also Tremelos/Mysota Blues Charmers/Executives/Otis Waygood & Isaiah)
  • Gerald Bailey (and various other drummers)
  • Henry Goldberg (and a succession of vocalists)

The PLEBS were born out of a school association, founded in 1962, between Bennie Miller and Phillip Roberts.  Their first band was called the Tremelos which later became the basis for the seminal R & B band, The Plebs.  The Plebs were influenced by Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, BB King and other American blues bands, as well as English contemporaries such as the Downliners Sect and the Yardbirds.  Phillip Roberts later went on to play bass in the Executives with Rob Osbourne, Alan Pruett and others, enjoying a residency at Coq D’Or.  After moving to London in 1971 Phillip Roberts teamed up with old friends, Otis Waygood who had, themselves, relocated to England.  Playing keyboards and acoustic guitar miked through the PA, Phillip filled the elusive “fifth member’s” berth following on from Martin and Harry Polis.  He also wrote a number of songs with the band after the had changed their name to ISAIAH and moved to Amsterdam.    He moved on to become a record producer, film-maker and, now, a screenplay writer.

Casting his mind back, one of the band’s members recalls The Plebs most exciting gig having taken place at the Rotunda on Beira beach.  The “action” was triggered by a brawl that broke out amongst about 2 000 drunken Rhodesian holiday-makers who had assembled to listen to The Plebs.  The disturbance initially started when a fight broke out between Big George and Jackie Koen but soon took hold and spread throughout the venue.  During this near-riot, someone – or some people – seemed to have succeeded in “throwing” one of the venue’s counter staff into the boiling chip fat machine!!  This called for drastic action and the Portugese riot police (or army?) descended surrounding the premises with Uzi submachine guns levelled at the crowd.  Their excited and incomprehensible orders barked at the mob in Portugese confused the situation even more but, fortunately, the temperature was lowered and stability – and calm – were restored.  For those who were there, this was truly unforgettable occasion.

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